Thursday, September 06, 2007

My New Bike

I bought a bike (bicycle). Planning to commute between my house to office. The distance will be around 5-6 Km (one side). While doing research I found lot people like me who are using bikes (bicycle) for this purpose. I bought Firefox Tempest. Cost was 7400/-. You can see details here

I found very interesting Advantages of Cycling (

  1. Lots of exercise: No need of spending monthly fees on GYM other weight reduction programs.
  2. Save FUEL : U don't need any fossil fuel for cycling.
  3. Pollution Control : As there is no carbon monoxide production.
  4. Take a ride on Foot Path : As cycles are not banned on foot path.
  5. Easy Movement : In Traffic signal compared to Motorbikes & CARS.
  6. No road taxes : on the new bicycle.
  7. Don't need a Driving license.
  8. Yearly depreciation :Businessmen can take about 20% yearly depreciation on these.
  9. Sustainable Transport:Carry all monthly groceries, vegetables, fruits from your market.
  10. Time Management: Waiting for a BUS,A Traffic signal. Can be the first to leave a traffic signal.
  11. Transportation Cost : Cost of Shifting a Cycle is much lesser than a Motorcycle or a 4 wheeler.
  12. Maintenance Cost: Very less compared to others.
  13. Servicing : Can be serviced by urself
  14. Cleaning : Need Just 1/2 bucket of water or a small piece cloth is also ok.
  15. Speed : Can reach speed up to 40kms.

At last I can say that I am also contributing for my environment.


Manu Sharma said...

Hey Sunil...I was looking for this post! I'm in Delhi and am considering buying a Firefox bike. Narrowed it down to Tempest, Target and Reloaded 2.1 or Trek 3700. I think I'll go with the least cost option of them all (also the most good looking one) - Tempest - as my first bike.

So my question for you: how would you rate the bike after two months of riding it? Also, how tall are you? I'm 5'10" and am wondering if am 18" wheel isn't too small for me.

Btw, I know Gaurav and Ashish from Tekriti. Might also know a couple of people in Sapient, B'lore. Small world. =)

Manu Sharma said...

Oops I meant 18" Frame, not wheel. These are all 26" wheel bikes but frame sizes vary.

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Davida said...

People should read this.

Sameer Panchangam said...

Hey Sunil!

How's the bike after 1yr's use?

Anoop said...

Hello Manu, how is the bike
I am planning to buy the same,
where did u buy the bike from in Bangalore