Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My New Look :)


Amit said...

bhai ye photo asli hai yaa design ki hai?

Sunil said...

Sir asli hai ye.

KSR BHAt said...

Hi Sunil,
I am also looking to buy a 6500. But could not find in my place- Mangalore.
Can u tell me where you bought it from?

Bhat KSR

Sunil said...


I bought from Whizz, Bangalore. Can't say about Mangalore :)

KSR Bhat said...

Thank U Sunil,
I am planning to buy it in Bangalore, may be on my next visit.DO u have any contact info of Whizz?

KSR Bhat said...

Thank U Sunil,
I will plan to buy it in Bangalre on my next visit. DO u have any contact info of Whizz,Blre?

Sunil said...


Here are the details

Garuda Mall
Contact Person : Rajesh.S
Mobile : 9880730562
Land line : 66141001
Email :

Anonymous said...

Thank U Sunil for the info

BTW I visited ur photo album on Flickr. Very nice images.